In the early 2000s, everyone was fucking with the intersection of noise and pop. There were tons of bands that launched from that DIY scene, and bands like Animal Collective and Lightning Bolt ran with some of those ideas and evolved them into their own sound. One recurring theme from that scene was sick drummers paired with glitchy noise and/or electronic music — see names like Brian Chippendale, Zach Hill (then Hella, now Death Grips) and Hisham Bharoocha, amongst many, many others. It's a scene that was incredible then and sorely missed now, much like the general DIY scene across the country, as it was squashed in the wake of Ghost Ship and "progress."

Japan's Paris death Hilton is emblematic of that time — one of sheer DIY joy, packed shows and copious mutual sweat. Their latest video — a live clip, no less — captures some of that wide-eyed nostalgia and delivers it looking forward, creating nostalgic fun that stands on its own. The track "192 tentacles" is something that would easily blare out of a DIY space as part of the opening act for Parts and Labor, Aa or the like. It's fun and it's weird, but most importantly, it's weirdly fun. Check out the video above.