Last August, Swedish sludge-doom trio Monolord quietly released Lord of Suffering​ / ​Die in Haze, an explosive two-song 10" showcasing their low-and-slow approach to eardrum assault (which the band previously perfected on 2015's seismic Vænir LP). Just in case you missed Monolord's one-two punch the first time around, the band has released one hell of a reminder: a video for the entire project, which gives viewers an up-close-and-personal view of the titans in their natural element, shredding on stages around the world.

Culled from footage shot during the band's American and European treks last year, the 12-minute monster captures the trio's maddening live show — and its fury-laden source material — from multiple perspectives, including behind the drum kit and up on the rafters. One thing's for sure: It's a stunner from all angles. Watch the video below, and scroll down to listen to Lord of Suffering ​/ ​Die in Haze if you haven't already.

Monolord released Lord of Suffering​ / ​Die in Haze in August 2016 via Riding Easy.