Milk are a quartet out of Boston that play "New England Gothic": chilly, morbid Americana that draws from Southern tradition, as well as the harsh realities of life in the Commonwealth. (It's really, really cold there.) The group is currently gearing up to release their new album, Horsetown Threshold, next month via Midnight Werewolf Records. The album finds frontman and principal songwriter Matt Brady tackling addiction, isolation and anxiety, particularly on the track "Lord, Don't Take Me to Prison," the video for which we're premiering today.

"It's about being ruled by fear or anxiety and not wanting to live in that state of mind," Brady says of the song via press release. "How there are so many other things to worry about — wife's at home with the dog and the kids — and being fearful stifles that. Like, no one has any friends in prison when they're on the outside. No one wants to be there.” (Clearly, he's never seen Orange Is the New Black, but we'll let that rest for now.) In the meantime, check out the wacky video below, featuring a basketball showdown between a daydrinking cowboy and a pack of youngins — because what better way to fend off anxiety than with a little exercise?

Horsetown Threshold is out June 2 via Midnight Werewolf. Pre-order it here.