There have been quite a few body blows in 2016, but none compare to the concrete-fisted punch to the gut that was the passing of David Bowie. The chameleon reinvented himself with the times while staying at the forefront of blue-eyed soul, glam, krautrock, pop or, really, whatever tickled his fancy. Arguably, his glam stuff is the most defining of his career, cementing Bowie as a trendsetter and one of the most crucial artists of his era.

A lot of artists have attempted the tone and the swagger of those Bowie glam records, but it seems like the Lemon Twigs have nailed it. Even if you ignore the skintight outfits, the hairdos straight out of the Spiders From Mars doc, the posturing in new video, "As Long as We're Together" feels like a track out of the Ziggy playbook, especially with the orchestra stabs and soul singer choruses. The drama is all there, and so is the pageantry and — most importantly — the fun songwriting. Check out the video above and get your copy of their new LP Do Hollywood today.