New York four-piece Leapling returned earlier this year with sophomore album Suspended Animation, an ambitious exercise in sprawling experimental pop. Today, the band is releasing Killing Time, a six-track EP of B-sides from that LP. The collection is far more minimal and off the cuff compared to its full-length predecessor. Frontman Dan Arnes went into the recording process blind, recording each instrumental and song for the first time.

"There was also a deliberate effort to not edit myself in terms of what kind of songs I write and just let whatever comes out come out," Arnes says via press release. "A lot of first takes and imperfections, which I’m always into. Felt nice to be true to thy original intention like that.”

Today, CLRVYNT is premiering the EP in full. Listen below.

Leapling's Killing Time EP is out now. Nab it here digitally, and pick up the cassette via Babe City.