Do you like Norwegian black metal? Death metal? How about funeral doom? Well, friend, I’ve got a treat for you: The latest material from Finnish troublemakers Krypts takes all of the aforementioned genres, jams them in a rotting coffin and sets it ablaze. (That’s a good thing.)

The band has spent the past eight years honing its Frankensteinian sound, most recently on 2013 debut Unending Degradation. Now they’re back with Remnants of Expansion, a 33-minute, five-song maelstrom. The record is slated to drop October 28 via Dark Descent (just in time for Halloween!), and marks the band’s first recording with Gorephilia guitarist Jukka Aho, who enlisted last year. In anticipation of the upcoming record, Krypts have shared “Entrailed to the Breaking Wheel,” a five-minute monster that tacks blast beats to a sludgy mainframe. It’s grand and hellish — a perfect taste of the upcoming madness. Listen below, and check out the album art and track list.


1. "Arrow of Entropy"
2. "The Withering Titan"
3. "Remnants of Expansion"
4. "Entrailed to the Breaking Wheel"
5. "Transfixed"