Tour is hell. Depending on the lottery of personality types you end up with in your band, you could either be in for a miserable or solid time when you're away from home for over a month. El Paso, Texas indie band Holy Wave have seen a lot through their travels across the world. Today, they've released a documentary capturing those adventures: Seed in My Ear: Holy Wave on Tour, captured by Filmmakers Willi Patton and Rachel Kichler. It follows the band on their recent European excursion, a stint of over two months.

Holy Wave are in a pretty interesting spot here, finding themselves gaining steam as a band, but still figuring out how to decide between playing full-time and living normal lives. There are plenty of shots of them across different city landscapes — foreign and domestic — intercut with the band's thoughts on their music and where they're going next. It's a rare glimpse into the identity of a bubbling indie band. Plus, listen hard enough, and get tastes of three unreleased Holy Wave songs: "Habibi," "How Was I Supposed to Know" and "Buddhist Pete."

Catch the band on tour for your own eyes:

11/16 – New York, NY – Shea Stadium
11/17 – Boston, MA – Middle East
11/18 – Philadelphia, PA – Goldilocks Gallery
11/19 – Raleigh, NC – Ruby Deluxe
11/20 – Asheville, NC – Mothlight
11/21 – Atlanta, GA – 529
11/22 – New Orleans, LA – Siberia
11/23 – Houston, TX – Satellite Bar