New Jersey punk-rap weirdos Ho99o9 have been making gleefully chaotic music for the last couple years. Their sound can be compared to the likes of Death Grips and Saul Williams' more industrial shit, except a whole lot more evil and metal. Today, the band is releasing two new heaters: "The Dope Dealerz" and "Double Barrel."

"The Dope Dealerz" shows Ho99o9 at (maybe) their most "normal" — whatever that means for them. Super heavy bass hits like distorted gunshots on a speed bag. What would be a regular hype track for another rapper becomes an out-of-breath hardcore assault from these guys, rhymes like, "Rollin' dope bumpin' Patti Smith / rollin' dope screaming, 'Fuck the pigs!'" paying no regard for anybody in their path.

Things heat up even further on "Double Barrel," which is unapologetically scummy crossover punk. Things start at rapid-fire speed, before the band starts coughing shit up, slowing it down, dropping the riffing and raps in one fell swoop, and launching back into the thrash. The two tracks are a good summation of how the band does whatever the fuck it wants: bringing huge raps and sharp punk tracks — separate, or at the same time — right in your face.

Get the two tracks on iTunes.