Meet Hand Grenade Job, everybody. (I'll pause to let you all snicker at the name. You done? Great.) Born and raised in Washington, D.C., this self-described "post-Americana" project arose out of a friendship and collaborative spirit shared between two scene vets. Guitarist Beck Levy is best known for her work in Turboslut and the Gift, while drummer Erin McCarley has done time in Pygmy Lush, Delta Dart and Governess. Punks by trade, the duo is unabashedly political, tackling topics like feminism, witchcraft and police brutality; despite that underlying rage, they keep the sonic proceedings minimal and brooding, with a resultant sound that lands somewhere between PJ Harvey and Slint.

Now, four years after their 2012 inception, Levy and McCarley are preparing to release Devotionals, Hand Grenade Job's debut full-length. Local label Sister Polygon (owned and operated by fellow D.C. residents Priests) will release the album, which the duo cut in Maryland amidst back-to-back blizzards — because what better way to stave off cabin fever than to make a racket?

Today, CLRVYNT is proud to unveil the video for "July," the album's first single and a paean to girl power. The unfussed, DIY-styled clip was directed by Levy and Paula Martinez, and while it may seem laid-back and silly, there's a powerful, ever-so-timely underlying message embedded within: a feminist awakening, or — to borrow the directors' words — "a young woman coming into her power." Watch below, and scroll down for the album artwork and track list.

Sister Polygon will release Hand Grenade Job's Devotionals LP on February 24. Pre-order here.


1. "Devout"
2. "Wildfire"
3. "New Year"
4. "Buffalo"
5. "Jupiter"
6. "The Name"
7. "July"
8. "True Story of the Monster of the Potomac"
9. "Rohyphnol"
10. "The Way Breaks Down"