Fresh Snow's One hit late last year via Hand Drawn Dracula, and featured the beautiful, synth-driven "Three-Way Mirror." The cascading, ethereal track is anchored by a beautiful female vocal and a breathy French spoken section, before falling into a gorgeous lilt that nods to Depeche Mode, Slowdive and more all at once. It's a beauty that is only enhanced by director Christopher Mills, whose accompanying clip pairs flickering, distorted, black-and-white images with stop-motion effects to add to the dreamlike state. You'll love it, and you'll fall in love with it. Mills elaborates:

Sometimes the voices from people around us can change who we are.

'Three-Way Mirror' is a French disko psychological study of what happens when someone is influenced by misguided and evil voices surrounding her to become dehumanized and transformed in her search of personal power and freedom.

The video, influenced by '60s graphic design and French cold wave pop iconography, aims to illustrate these concepts with warbly, stoic and powerful portrait performances starring Angie Wang, Jesse Cook and Robyn Philips.

Order your copy via Hand Drawn Dracula, and check out Fresh Snow at the Garrison on Toronto on May 5.