Breaking up is never easy to do, but there are ways to walk away from a split with relatively little emotional trauma: conducting "the talk" face-to-face (RATHER THAN —ahem — GHOSTING!), cutting off contact for a while and, above all else, not dragging the damn thing out. The last of the tips outlined above provides the basis for "Tonight," the latest single off Dude York's upcoming album, Sincerely.

Unlike the Seattle trio's previously shared single, "Black Jack" — which was fronted by guitarist Peter Richards — "Tonight" puts bassist Claire England at the mic, providing her with a pulpit to dish out some real talk to a spineless soon-to-be-ex: "The way you talk to me makes me feel like just a friend," she bristles, beating them to the punch: "I might be wrong, but at least I’m sure that you’re not right / Let’s wrap this up — there’s somewhere else I’ve got to be tonight." Judging from the bouncy guitar lines and bubblegum-grunge choruses, heartbreak is a non-issue for England — and for a few sweet moments, "Tonight" ensures that we all feel the same.

Dude York's new album Sincerely is out February 24 via Hardly Art. Pre-order it here.