Calling yourself a poptimist is easy. Translating that philosophy into worthwhile results is another endeavor entirely, and that's where Dirty Projectors soar. Whether they're covering Usher, singing the praises of John Mayer or just gushing about pop music writ large, the Brooklynites remain uber-conscious of the mechanics behind mass appeal (intricate harmonies, monumental hooks) — not just as stepping stones, but launchpads to reach new sounds entirely. The same goes for Dawn Richard (typically stylized as D∆WN) and Solange, two R&B supernovas who made titanic splashes last year through futurist and transcendent mindsets, respectively.

It's comes as no surprise, then, that Dave Longstreth and company linked up with the aforementioned luminaries for "Cool Your Heart," the latest single off Dirty Projectors' forthcoming, pop-focused, self-titled album. Solange co-wrote the slinky track, wherein Longstreth and Richard duet over brittle percussion and reggae-steeped keyboards. It arrives alongside by a video directed by Noel Paul and Stefan Moore, which finds the two walking along a dark road as time contorts, sending them forward and backward and forward again. Check it out below.

Pre-order Dirty Projectors' upcoming album, out February 24 on Domino.