One of the best — and funniest — songs on Descendents' recent Hypercaffium Spazzinate is "No Fat Burger," a lightning-fast, 53-second elegy for greasy food wherein Milo Aukerman vows to put an end to his days of artery-clogging gluttony. That song just got an animated video from Vitor Cervi, and it's just as entertaining; we're taken inside the world of the band's beloved mascot Milo as he struggles through a food coma-cum-nightmare where the eater becomes the eaten (by his own volition, no less). After narrowly escaping being baked into a pie, poor Milo turns into a burger and proceeds to eat himself ... or does he? Watch below, and remember to eat your vegetables.

Descendents' Hypercaffium Spazzinate is out now.