Oslo punk crew Dark Times made a big splash back in 2014 with their debut album Give, a candidate for the gnarliest LP nominated for a Spellemannprisen (the Norwegian equivalent of a Grammy). Three years later, they're gearing up to release a new full-length, due out this fall. In the interim, they're keeping things hyperactive with an appearance at SXSW, followed shortly by a 7" consisting of a new song titled "Dirt," and covers of Melvins and Wipers songs.

No need to wait until release day (March 27) for the new stuff. Dark Times have unveiled their video for "Dirt," which will be released on digital formats this Friday. Directed by Vebjørn Guttormsgaard Møllberg and shot in Copenhagen, Denmark, the chilling clip follows a strange woman as she clambers around the countryside in a New York hoodie and leggings, foaming at the mouth and — true to the song's title — digging in the dirt like a rabid dog. (She might want to get that checked out.) Check it below.

"Dirt" will be released digitally on February 17, with a 7" to follow on March 27.