dälek have always been a bit of an odd band out. Abstract MC dälek uses double-time and off-beat rhyme cadences — not unlike, say, Freestyle Fellowship or Anticon — and juxtaposes them against noise, ambient and backing tracks that generally and conceptually “shouldn’t work.” Guess what? They do.

“It Just Is,” from their latest LP, Asphalt for Eden, is the subject of a new video as well, one that makes its premiere here today. On the track, the instrumental seems somewhere in the ambient realm of the DJ Shadow classic “Midnight in a Perfect World,” with many of the same pensive and beautiful qualities. The video itself plays out in a very Twin Peaks-esque fashion, pairing the track with odd fellows, strong tracking shots, beautiful saturated color and a wonderfully unique quality not so far removed from dälek themselves. The band can thank Brooklyn-based filmmaker Matt Rosenbaum for that.

Check out the video for the first time, and grab Asphalt for Eden via Profound Lore. If you're in NYC, be sure to catch them at the Studio at Webster Hall on December 22.