It's no secret that Connoisseur love themselves some cannabis. Ever since their 2011 inception, the Oakland sludge-punk crew has penned album after blistering album dedicated to their beloved Mary Jane, most recently on their punishing Over the Edge EP, which came out via Tankcrimes earlier this month. Casual stoners they ain't — they breathe in weed smoke like air and pose for press photos cradling a sack of bud as if it's Baby Jesus (see above). On Over the Edge's "Weeding Out the Weak," they scoff at all of the 9-to-5 suits who dare to rope themselves in with the 420 faithful just because they smoked a bowl at a party a month ago.

Speaking of 420: If you couldn't already guess from that strange skunk smell in the air, today is the holiest day in stonerdom. It's only right that Connoisseur mark the occasion with a video for the aforementioned anti-poser screed. Directed by Armando "Mondo" Armas, the clip finds the band separating the iron lungs from the lightweights by way of a good old-fashioned bong-off. Watch below, and remember: Legal weed or no, what happens in Pipe Club stays in Pipe Club.

Over the Edge is out now on Tankcrimes. Get it here.