"Our band is not about fun." So growled Jami Morgan, Code Orange's drummer and vocalist, in a just-released interview with Rolling Stone. "It's never fun, but it's rewarding." Certainly, the Pittsburgh hardcore outfit has been reaping plenty of rewards lately — their last album, 2014's Kurt Ballou-produced I Am King, solidified both their burgeoning reputation as extreme metal dynamos and their ever-increasing maturity (the band originally went as Code Orange Kids, but later shortened their name). With their signing to Roadrunner and the impending arrival of new album Forever in early 2017, they're now dialing up the pain. Obviously, there's no fun allowed.

Oh, you need proof? Hopefully you're not eating right now, because Code Orange's "Forever" video is gritty, gory and gross — the perfect visual complement to what is easily their most depraved set of grooves yet. Directed by Max Moore, the harrowing clip combines imagery of ritual sacrifice, choke-outs and corpses in body bags, along with some fiery performance footage (seriously, the pyrotechnics in this video are insane). Think of it as a traumatic reintroduction, a bloody presaging of the assault to come, or just a timely Halloween treat — just don't underestimate the quartet, 'cause they're out for blood. Watch the video below, and scroll down to view Forever's artwork and track list.

Code Orange's Roadrunner debut, Forever, hits shelves January 13. You've been warned. Pre-order here.


1. "Forever"
2. "Kill the Creator"
3. "Real"
4. "Bleeding in the Blur"
5. "The Mud"
6. "The New Reality"
7. "Spy"
8. "Ugly"
9. "No One Is Untouchable"
10. "Hurt Goes On"
11. "Dream 2"