A lot of dummies out there don't really go beyond the surface of what grunge had to offer. You might find yourself in a conversation with your friends, and they'll only be able to name Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots. If you've ever wanted to school them on the scene, Sub Pop just made it a little easier with two classic videos from Tad that have been released on YouTube, as part of their upcoming re-releases of three Tad records, God's BallsSalt Lick and 8-Way Santa. Watch both videos in all their ridiculous glory.

"Stumblin' Man" features the band rolling around town and drinking in public, while "Wood Goblins" shows frontman Tad Doyle (now of Brothers of the Sonic Cloth) swinging around a chainsaw in the woods. It's classic Tad, classic '90s, and perfect to send all your friends on Facebook.

You can pre-order the rereleases of Salt Lick and 8-Way Santa before they're out this November.