The world needs a Band-Aid. Or, if nothing else, a nice heaping plate of "comfort food" in the form of a great song. It's the reason why punk flourished in the '80s and grunge in the '90s, and why legions of people flock to music as escapism.

Cheena rip. The punk all-star team — featuring members of Hank Wood & the Hammerheads, Crazy Spirit, Dawn of Humans, Anasazi and Pharmakon — is a virtual who's-who of every band important to NYC punk right now. And while the quintet avoids the limited trappings of the genre, the spirit can't help but shine through, even with the heaping doses of melodicism and strong songwriting. "Lost My Way" is typical of the band's approach: Take a proto-punk or glam song structure and dress it up in modern punk attitude, sprinkle in embellishments like slide guitar, and you have a whole new look.

Their new Robin Pak-directed video isn't so much a new look as it is a incredibly classic one. Using the fine art of claymation, "Lost My Way" would be a fun excursion to watch even if the song wasn't so damn good. Take the time to catch it, because we all know you could use a pick-me-up right about now.

Catch Cheena in Europe on the road in November at the dates below, and order your copy of Spend the Night With... via Sacred Bones.


Nov. 10 — Copenhagen, Denmark @ Mayhem w/ Marching Church
Nov. 11 — Oslo, Norway @ Oslo Psych Fest
Nov. 12 — Gothenburg, Sweden @ Smedjan
Nov. 13 — Stockholm, Sweden @ Vieille Montagne
Nov. 17 — Eindhoven, Netherlands - Come as you are @ Stroomhuis
Nov. 18 — Antwerp, Belgium @ Het Bos
Nov. 19 — Brussels, Belgium @ Homeplugged
Nov. 21 — Berlin, Germany @ ACUD
Nov. 22 — Prague, Czech Republic @ Club 007
Nov. 23 — Budapest, Hungary @ Gozsdu Manó Klub
Nov. 24 — Vienna, Austria @ Venster
Nov. 25 — Zagreb, Croatia @ Mocvara
Nov. 26 — Milano, IT @ LoFi
Nov. 27 — Viareggio, IT @ GoB
Nov. 28 — Venice, IT @ Ai Biliardi
Nov. 29 — Ravenna, Italy @ Bronson
Nov. 30 — Geneva, Switzerland @ Kalvingrad
Dec. 2 — Paris,  France @ La Mécanique Ondulatoire
Dec. 3 — Rennes, France @ Bars en Trans
Dec. 5 — London, UK @ Shacklewell Arms
Dec. 6 — Leeds, UK @ Brudenell Games Room
Dec. 7 — Nottingham. UK @ The Chameleon
Dec. 8 — Brighton, UK @ Sticky Mike’s
Dec. 9 — Amsterdam, Netherlands @ De Nieuwe Anita
Dec. 10 — Tilburg, Netherlands - Incubate Festival @ V39