Charly Bliss are gearing up to release their debut album next month via Barsuk. Today, the pop-grunge quartet dropped off a playful black-and-white clip for the album's catchy-as-hell opener, "Percolator." Directed by Andrew Costa, the clip offers a glimpse into the Brooklynites' double lives as gym rats, loitering rascals, chemists and businessmen. After receiving an ominous doomsday message, the crew assembles in an abandoned building to duke it out Avengers-style. Alas, we never see them fight, although the analogs are clear. Bandleader Eva Hendricks is our punk rock Black Widow; bassist Dan Shure's lab coat, on the other hand, gestures to the fashion choices of mad scientist Bruce Banner, aka the Hulk. (I'm no comics expert, so I'll leave the Marvel nerds to parse out the other parallels.) Watch below.

Charly Bliss' debut album, Guppy, is out April 21 via Barsuk. Pre-order it here.