Pretty wacky election we've got here, eh? Tomorrow, all the craziness will finally wrap up when we learn who our next president will be, sending us into an early apocalypse, a better place, or maybe just a whole lot of nothing for the next four years. Either way, the crazy election tunes haven't ended, as earlier this week, we got probably the best one of the lot in the form of Anal Trump.

The perfectly named parody band was created by Travis Ryan of Cattle Decapitation, and Rob Crow of Pinback and Goblin Cock. The two break out the humor for the album That Makes Me Smart!, taking Anal Cunt's ridiculousness to new, grindy heights on tracks like "PTSD Is Gay," "Alex Jones Is Smart," "Poll Watcher" and the classic hit, "Breast Feeding Is Gay." Ryan's lyrics are great, packing enough Trump-inspired nonsense into quick sub-10-second bites.

Elsewhere this week, Tim Heidecker of Awesome Show Great Job! fame launched his own anti-Trump joint: "Trump's Pilot." In the song, Heidecker puts himself in the role of Trump's private pilot, and shares his thoughts of saving all of us from Trump's bullshit by crashing the plane in the middle of nowhere. It gets even better, with Father John Misty covering the track, bringing exaggerated falsettos and singing into the mix.

Finally, Modern Baseball put out their own anti-Trump tune: "Bart to the Future, Pt. 2: The Musical," taken from The Simpsons episode that prophetically saw Trump run for president back in 2016. All in all, it's a varied list of songs telling Trump to fuck off forever, each one beautiful in their own way.