Walk down any street in New York City — any borough, any time, any day of the week — and you're bound to spot some wild-eyed natives zooming past on fixies or Citi Bikes. And who can blame them? Is there anything more exhilarating than biking through New York City, narrowly dodging pigeons and irate taxi drivers, frequently braking so the mobs of slow-walking tourists can creep across the intersection? So what if you get killed? You're in NYC, maaan!

But hey — if you're not looking to take a two-wheeled cruise to your death, Xenia Rubinos is here to help. Today, the musician has unveiled a 360° video for "See Them." It's a fast-moving clip that features Rubinos pedaling around her native NYC while singing the Black Terry Cat track. You can ride along, too, provided you've got an iPhone or Android with VR capabilities (the video can be viewed without such technology, although such framing dampens the wow factor just a skosh).

Describing the video's main takeaway in a press release, Rubinos remarked: "Where you gonna put the brown girl now? She's tearin' it up! I do what I want, I'm coming at you on a bike in 360 degree panoramas singing right to you! DO YOU SEE ME?" Yes, Xenia, we do. Watch below (accompanied by viewing instructions), and remember, kids — always wear a helmet.

Xenia Rubinos released Black Terry Cat last June via Epitaph.

“See Them” Viewing Instructions:

The best way to watch this 360 video is on an iPhone with or without Google Cardboard. If you use Google Cardboard, just press the glasses icon.

Make sure the video quality is set to at least 1080p60.

Watch with the video in full screen with your iPhone held horizontally. Put the iPhone in front of you at eye level and press play.

If you’d prefer to watch on your computer, please use Google Chrome.

Rubinos’ tour dates are below, with her final U.S. gig coming this Saturday at New York’s Mercury Lounge before she heads off to Europe.

Sept. 30 — Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda’s
Oct. 1 — New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge
Oct. 24 — London, Endland @ Birthdays
Oct. 25 — Brussels, Belgium @ La Maison des Musiques
Oct. 26 — Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Melkweg
Oct. 27 — Mannheim, Germany @ Enjoy Jazz Fest
Oct. 28 — Hamburg, Germany @ Mojo Club Jazz Cafe
Oct. 29 — Berlin, Germany @ Kantine am Berghain
Oct. 30 — Prague, Czech Republic @ Jazzdock
Oct. 31 — Vienna, Austria @ Rhiz
Nov. 2 — Geneva, Switzerland @ La Graviere
Nov. 3 — Luxembourg, Luxembourg @ De Gudde Wellen
Nov. 4 — Den Haag, Netherlands @ Crossing Border Festival
Nov. 6 — Eindhoven, Netherlands @ So What’s Next Festival
Nov. 7 — Paris, France @ Le Pop Up du Label
Nov. 9 — Lisbon, Portugal @ Sabotage Rock Club
Nov. 10 — Madrid, Spain @ Moby Dick
Nov. 11 — Granada, Spain @ Boom Boom Room / Club Reserva 1925
Nov. 12 — Barcelona, Spain @ Sidecar