Louisville, Ky. outfit Whips / Chains play some of the loudest, most aggro, church-terrifying hardcore you can imagine. In 2012, the band released the Master / Slave EP on Deathwish, Inc., and now they're back in our lives with the equally monstrous Industry / Pig EP.

The EP kicks off with "Sexual / Mechanical" (are you noticing a naming trend here?), flaunting their trademark grimy riffage. It's a killer sound, the kind that makes you want to take up hopping on a motorcycle, or perhaps MMA. It's followed with "Mirrors," which tunes the guitars even further down, the track booming even louder than its predecessor. From there, it's two minutes of pure feedback noise in the title track, a quick bomb of punk rock in "Subsume," and a chaotic farewell in "Tools of Confinement." It's a bite-sized explosive that'll fuck you up, so waste no time, and welcome back Whips / Chains with your cold, dead heart.