We Leave at Midnight hail from San Antonio, but don't call them cowboys — they're really a bunch of Southern psychonauts. As with local forebears Midlake, the Texas band (fronted by singer-songwriter John Dailey) churns out ornate rock that — however Beatles-indebted — can't help but meander off into dreamland like the Elephant 6 collective. But when you're from a pioneer town, you can never shake your thirst for the high road; and so, when it came time to record the band's debut album, The Holy Rolling Flower Band, Dailey vowed "to make a maniacal tour de force that would take you for a dynamic ride, that [would] show you how the highs are high and the lows are low," according to a press release.

So goes our overture to the forthcoming LP: a sprawling concept album detailing the ephemeral misadventures of a traveling psychedelic circus (otherwise known as your standard EDM tour).The opening act is "Milo," premiering today exclusively via CLRVYNT. Listen below, and scroll down to view the album artwork and track list.

We Leave at Midnight's new album, The Holy Rolling Flower Band, arrives December 9 via Texas Is Funny

1. “Milo”
2. “Dover Dog”
3. “Intermission (Honky)”
4. “Don’t Make a Sound”
5. “Terror Flora (pt. 2)
6. “Do You Get the Joke”
7. “Colors”
8. “Don’t Be Afraid (Honky)”
9. “The Holy Rolling Flower Band”