Votaries includes one Jackson Scott, known for making waves as a solo artist producing psychedelia-laced pop. His latest work, on the Psychometry LP (due October 28 on Wharf Cat), doesn't stray terribly far from that imprint, but instead cranks up the fuzz, reverb and weird to go deeper into a drug-induced haze of shoegaze pop melody. Don't worry, though: Votaries still play actual songs. Just don't expect pointless 10-minute jam freakouts — who wants that unless you're partaking in some substances yourself?

The latest Votaries track is supremely psychedelic, using layered vocals, Moogerfooger, the "cathedral" setting on the reverb machine and enough melody to keep you coming back again and again. Fans of Ty Segall and drugs — or better yet, both at the same time — "Rainbow Death Revisited" is for you. Order yours via Wharf Cat and stream a few tracks, including "Rainbow Death Revisited," which makes its debut here. Far fucking out.