You may know Josh Strawn from his time in either Vaura or Religious to Damn, and Vain Warr is another in a long line of endeavors known to touch the void. On the new digital / cassette release, Vain Warr dig into darkwave, adding in minor chord guitar riffs, haunting vocals à la Peter Murphy, and driving synths to conjure the darkness. "Deadline Season" and "Rebels" would fit perfectly blasting out of the PA at a fog-dense goth club, while you awkwardly decide whether to dance or raise your fist in guitar-riff triumph. Check out both tracks below. Strawn is responsible for all the instrumentation, while names like Sanford Parker (on the mixing console), Kris Lapke (mastering) and Terence Hannum (on design) all add their considerable talents to the proceedings. Order yours.