Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails has proven to be the go-to guy when someone needs a thought-provoking soundtrack — he's worked on several David Fincher movies, including The Social Network and Gone Girl. Today, he's shown off one of his creations for the upcoming Leonardo DiCaprio-produced climate change documentary Before the Flood, titled "A Minute to Breathe." The video clip shows various scenes of our planet, showcasing Trent's prettier side. It even resembles NIN's 2005 "Right Where It Belongs"' live visual and sound, but takes the somber, reflective vibe to new levels. Simple piano keys eventually give way to more elements trickling into the mix, building the tension slowly. The beauty of Earth's natural elements are quickly juxtaposed with the insane building rate of superstructures, labyrinth-like highways and ever-increasing pollution. It's a succinctly powerful message without getting preachy; Reznor provides the visuals and lets you do the rest.