Every band sounds better with a cold beer in reach, but some make the perfect soundtrack to shotgunning, Teen Wolf-ing or just plain bathing in suds. Tournament are the latter, employing hard-driving rock, punk, gang vocals and anything else made to remind you that you need to party harder. The band's latest song is a tip of the hat to Van Halen and Alice Cooper in one fell swoop, "School's Out for Teacher." Sez the band:

"[The song is] a modern tale of unrequited love between a student and his teacher, who, unbeknownst to the student, has lost her grip on reality. Spiraling into a world of drugs, abuse and meaningless, empty sex ... Luckily for Waldo, it's the night of the last day of high school, and this time he don't mind teacher's dirty looks ... Tumbling into the backseat of a Jeep at the end of the alley ... he's got it bad, so bad."

Finally, the Mary Kay Letourneau anthem we never knew we needed. The track comes from the forthcoming Take the Wheel EP on Colonel Records (helmed by King Tuff and citing Black Flag and road beers as primary influences), due on October 21. Listen responsibly below.

Sept. 24 — Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium with Dinos Boys, Tough Shits, more
Sept. 29 — Detroit, MI @ Kelly’s Bar w/ Duende, K9 Sniffies
Oct. 1 — Chicago, IL­ @ Cole’s w/ Sueves
Oct. 2 — St. Louis, MO­ @ FOAM w/ Kool 100’s
Oct. 4 — New Orleans, LA­ @ Circle Bar w/ Trampoline Team, Bottomfeeders
Oct. 5 — Birmingham, AL­ @ High Note w/ Hard Wires, Mend
Oct. 6 — Memphis, TN­ @ The Lamplighter Inn w/ Fresh Flesh, Manateees
Oct. 7 — Nashville, TN ­@ East Room w/ Hans Condor, Paralyzer
Oct. 8 — Atlanta, GA­ @ Star Bar w/ Paralyzer, Shocked Minds, Ravagers, Daggers
Oct. 9 — Chapel Hill, NC­ @ 506 w/ Minor Stars, Mantle
Nov. 10 — Providence, RI @ Tommy’s Place w/ Tower, Aneurysm, World’s Greatest Lover
Nov. 11 — Philadelphia, PA­ @ Ortlieb’s w/ Tower, Hound, Ape
Nov. 12 — Richmond, VA­ @ Axtell St. w/ Tower