Indie-rock's discovery of '70s-style "yacht rock" has been a fruitful union for both sides; it makes the old stuff sound quirkier, and the new stuff gets a touch of class that's also pretty goofball. The very, very San Franciscan songwriter Tony Molina nails the sunshine-in-scare-quotes of it all in the new track "Hung Up on the Dream," complete with "Strawberry Fields"-style Mellotron behind all the finger-picking and sighing.

It's one of eight tiny tunes on Molina's lazily psychedelic upcoming EP Confront the Truth, which elsewhere contains the motto "Trying to evolve, but I just don't know how." He continues fluffing retro pillows with "Dream"'s dryly pretty melody and regretful delivery. "Voices in my head, they are killing me today," he sings. But he sounds alive and well.

Confront the Truth is out October 26 via Slumberland.