Take Over and Destroy (frequently abbreviated to TOAD) are a black 'n' roll group from Tempe, Ariz. Founded in 2008, they self-identify as "an American rock 'n' roll band from the 1970s trapped inside a Scandinavian metal band from the 1990s." Consider them the Wild Wild West's answer to Entombed, with a sound shaped by the band's unconditional love for Sabbath, Darkthrone, Kyuss and even horror film composer Ennio Morricone. Just like Norway's Kvelertak, TOAD are happy to pay homage to their idols by way of a lightning-speed riff or booming battle cry; but rather than trace over their forebears' blueprints, the band reinterprets them through a scorched, slow-burning lens: a crucible wholly unique to the Sonoran Desert.

TOAD's last full-length was 2014's Vacant Face LP,  succeeded the following year by a split EP with area peers Gatecreeper. Now, they're gearing up to release their third album October 7 on new label home Prosthetic. The band cut the 10-track, self-titled release with producer (and one-time Ataris keyboardist) Bob Hoag at his Flying Blanket Recording studio in Mesa, Ariz. (As you can see, TOAD have a lot of hometown pride.)

In advance of the upcoming LP, the Tempe crew has unveiled a psychedelic visualizer for one of its tracks, "Leave the Door," along with the inaugural episode of their documentary series detailing the album's creation. View both clips below, and scroll down for the album art and track list.

Take Over and Destroy's self-titled album will be released on October 7 via Prosthetic.

1. "By Knife"
2. "Leave the Door"
3. "Let Me Grieve"
4. "Separate From the Shadows"
5. "Out of Frame"
6. "Red Ink"
7. "Job Coffins"
8. "Love Among the Ruins"
9. "Bring Me the Rope"
10. "Night Work Begins"