Numerology > Vibeology. So, what better way to get to know a band than probing numerical associations? Today we Count Off with the three cheeky bastards behind Swedish retro-rockers Svvamp.

1: Describe your band in one sentence.
“It will make your sex life improve.” It also comes in a handy size and fits easily in your backpack, handbag, and even under your bed. What are you waiting for? Order your copy of Svvamp now, later, and then again!

2: What do your parents think about your music?
Our guess is that they think it’s all right — parents in Sweden are happy as long as the wolf don’t get their children when they’re walking to school. We often get accused of “listening to our parents' music”; it seems now the tables have turned.

3: What are three things you can’t do without on tour?
Little practice, Long Island Iced Tea, and [bassist] Erik [Stahlgren]'s help with amp setup. We’re kind of lazy when we’re rehearsing for gigs. It keeps things interesting, but also a bit nerve-wracking. Our hope is that people feel the interesting part most, of course.

4: Who do you play music 4?
Judge Judy — she’s hard to impress. "Do you know how a teenager lies? They open their mouths." We play for power women in general; if Hillary came to our show, we’d probably call it quits. Then again, we’d have to make a comeback for Aretha Franklin.

7: Do you believe in luck?
We are all about luck. People tend to give luck a bad rap, but we really can’t afford to. When we get together and play, we rarely have an exact idea of what we want. Sometimes we do, but the songs tend to change along the way. Most songs come together while jamming.

10: What was your favorite album when you were 10?
Queen's Greatest Hits. It’s actually one of the things that brought the band together. [Vocalist/drummer] Adam [Johansson] and [guitarist] Henrik [Bjorklund] had tried to form bands since [their] early teenage years, but they never lasted more than a couple of months. When a friend of Adam — today Erik's wife — told them she had a boyfriend “who liked Queen,” that’s when they met Erik.

20: If I gave you a $20 bill right now, what would you spend it on?
Horses. We don’t have much money and we have a good feeling about this race. If we say you could get your money back and more, would you be interested? We know this is a interview-kind-of-thing, but seriously, though, would you?

80: What will you listen to when you’re 80?
We’ll probably be spinning Queen's Greatest Hits and die from a sheer heart attack. There’s really no end to how many times you can hear their albums. It’s like you find or hear something new each time you listen to their music. It’s not like Zeppelin, where you wonder, “How many more times?”

666: Who or what would you go to hell for?
Hiding cheese, shrimps and bananas backstage. It’s a bad habit.