You probably already knew this, but I'll tell you anyway: When multiple voices come together, we call it unison. But what happens when those "voices" belong to a hardcore hero, an emo icon and an aggro guitarist? That, dear readers, is Super Unison (named after a killer Drive Like Jehu classic). The trio rose from the ashes of two of the biggest cult bands of the decade so far. Vocalist Meghan O'Neil Pennie fronted Bay Area punks Punch, who split in 2014; drummer Justin Renninger, on the other hand, is best known as a member of Snowing, a Pennsylvania emo outfit active through 2011. Together with guitarist Kevin DeFranco, they create a surprisingly polished chorus of unflinching punk paradigms — and they sure won't be pigeonholed by their respective pasts.

"Broken" is the latest taste of Super Unison's upcoming debut LP Auto, due out next month on Deathwish, Inc. Like the previously released "Time & Distance," the track sees Pennie expanding her vocal approach to include full-throated melodies in addition to the distinctive raggedy growl she sported back in the Punch days. Meanwhile, Renninger slams away at the kit with abandon, pairing his feverish fills with DeFranco's brittle fretwork. Supergroups are arguably at their most successful when they break with their former bands' associated genres, transcending the framework entirely — and in that regard, Super Unison don't disappoint. Listen below, and scroll down for the album artwork and track list, as well as the band's upcoming tour itinerary.

Super Unison will release Auto on October 30 via Deathwish, Inc.

1. “Prove Yourself”
2. “Keeper”
3. “Losing You”
4. “You Don’t Tell Me”
5. “Luxury”
6. “Time & Distance”
7. “Muted”
8. “Broken”
9. “What Are You Going to Do”
10. “Don’t Look Up”
11. “Everything”
12. “Auto”

Oct. 21 — Oakland, CA @ 1,2,3,4 Go!
Oct. 23 — Los Angeles, CA @ All Star Lanes
Oct. 24 — Tempe, AZ @ 51 West
Oct. 25 — El Paso, TX @ DIY Punk Haus
Oct. 26 — Austin, TX @ Shirley’s Temple
Oct. 27 — New Orleans, LA @ Neutral Ground
Oct. 28 — Birmingham, AL @ Firehouse
Oct. 30 — Gainesville, FL @ The Atlantic (Fest 15)