Oakland dream-pop duo Silence in the Snow don't write songs; they evoke "melt dreams" (their words, not mine). Following in the footsteps of the New Romantics, vocalist / guitarist Cyn M. and synth wizard Andy Z. bear their hearts from the safety of the shadows, lending a dark ephemeral quality to everything they touch, including their music videos. Need proof? Check out Silence in the Snow's new clip for "Into My World," off their forthcoming debut album Break in the Skin. Directed by Kristin Cofer and edited by Andy Z. himself, the clip sees Cyn M. at her most sinister, staring hypnotically into the camera as she performs the song, flanked by bright streaks of light, ample darkness and, of course, her bandmate, in order to evoke what she calls "a timeless state of time," according to a press release.

Break in the Skin is out November 1. Pre-order it here.

1. “Into My World”
2. “Mirror Eyes”
3. “Lost Gems”
4. “Silence in the Snow”
5. “20 Years”
6. “Break in the Skin”
7. “Prisms”
8. “Into the Night”
9. “Small Ways”