Three years after his 2013 album Gagged in Boonesville, Carlos Gonzales has returned with his latest statement as Russian Tsarlag. This time, the minimalist tape wizard is taking us all on a trip to the petting zoo to meet the Unexplained American Goat: a gentle, fantastic beast of an LP, characterized by dressed-down arrangements and unfussed melodies. However unassuming this musical ungulate's physical form, its power is not to be underestimated; on the previously shared "This Box," Gonzales wove an immersive, pop-tinged dreamscape from but a handful of scraps, proving his worth as a formidable hooksmith.

With the album's arrival imminent — this Friday, October 14, to be exact — CLRVYNT is pleased to unveil Unexplained American Goat in its entirety, right at this very moment. Stream it below.

Unexplained American Goat hits shelves October 15 via Wharf Cat. Pre-order it here.