There are a few moments in the new film Hell or High Water where the music is positively perfect, where the pitch fits the tone of the story. It's dark, moody, beautiful and cerebral. Set in small Texas towns, the brooding film is about a pair of brothers who rob banks to help pay for their mortgaged family home. Seems like the ideal job for Nick Cave and Warren Ellis.

But RF Shannon might have done a great job on his own. His new EP, Other Trails, has the same feel as the Hell or High Water soundtrack, and is even inspired by some of the same desolate areas in West Texas. Shane Renfro — also the guitarist in Jess Williamson's band — has created a shimmering, reverb-heavy record that sounds like the soundtrack to miles and miles of open road, dust blowing in the wind and nothing around except for your dark thoughts. "I've been obsessed with the phrase 'Other Trails' for a while," Renfro says. "It has this kind of eerie quality that's super grounded and overlooked, yet odd and mysterious at the same time. I thought it was a fitting title for this brief glimpse of a soundscape that will emerge with our LP this coming spring."

With elements of Americana, shoegaze, ambient and 100 other genres, this is some darkly gorgeous stuff. Stream it in full below and order yours.