It takes guts to name your band after a storied '90s New Age compilation — especially when the collection in question is a staple of evening commercial breaks — but Melbourne's Pure Moods are hardly shaking in their sneakers. The band, which recently formed in the thick smoke of late-night parties Down Under, is comprised of three decidedly chill scene veterans: axeman / vocalist  Adam Madric, bassist Wyatt Knowles and drummer Alex Lashlie. The resulting guitar-pop is as lush and relaxing as the hypnotic imagery featured in those grainy Pure Moods commercials, sans the Enya associations. There's even a little bit of darkness nestled inside, as evidenced by their previously shared track "Elisa Lam," off Pure Moods' forthcoming self-titled debut album; go ahead, name another jangly ode to the tragic disappearance of a drowned college student. I'll wait.

Hot on the heels of that track, CLRVYNT has another taste of the Pure Moods LP, due November 4 via Deaf Ambitions. The sun-faded highlight is "From My Pocket," and while there's nothing New Age about it, it definitely qualifies as New Rage — or at least, as pissed-off as a hunky-dory Australian trio can get. Madric breaks it down:

I’m into the bass and guitar relationship in the verses of this song. I also like the guitar tone in the solo. It was one of only a few instrumental overdubs that we recorded for the album. We wanted the album to sound like how we play live or when we jam, but that part has a tendency to feel a tad empty without chords under it.

When I was reading over the lyrics to this song recently, I was reminded of the time in my life when it was written. I was not in a good place. It’s clear by listening that I was sad and feeling isolated, but it reminds me that it extends
beyond that. Lyrics like 'I rearranged the chairs, am I the only one who cares?' draw my attention back to how dark and stagnant my life became for a short while. The fact that I was allowing shit like couch arrangement to
affect my mood was no good — haha.

Listen below, and scroll down for the album artwork and track list.

Pure Moods arrives November 4 via Deaf Ambitions. Pre-order it here.

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 10.17.51 AM

1. “Nicky”
2. “Blurb”
3. “Elisa Lam”
4. “From My Pocket”
5. “Untitled”
6. “Meadow Heights”
7. “Dolphin Interlude”
8. “Dolphin Quest”
9. “Paloma's Song”
10. “Open Book”
11. “Bubble Boy”