Everyone needs a break from Pity Sex sometimes, including ... Pity Sex. After five years and two albums, with a national tour freshly concluded, the Ann Arbor, Mich., quartet has declared a break until further notice, effective immediately. "We'll be taking an indefinite hiatus from this project," the band said in a statement. "Thank you for all the support. See you on the other side."

And so, here's Pity Sex's send-off: a video for "Burden You," a highlight off White Hot Moon, this year's sophomore LP / curtain call. Directed by PLAYLAB, INC., the starkly lit clip follows a woman as she wheels a shopping cart piled high —like, really high —through the city streets, while amused passersby look on. It's intended as a metaphor for the song's central theme: the unavoidable exhaustion that comes with loving, and being loved. Well, Pity Sex, thank you for loving us. Enjoy the break.

Pity Sex's second and apparently final album, White Hot Moon, was released earlier this year via Run for Cover.