As to be expected from a band located in a soon-to-be-drowned city — scientists expect Miami Beach to be underwater at some point this century — Other Body channel a cathartic oblivion, regaled with volume and churning propulsion, like a steam-powered locomotive hurtling to its inevitable destruction. But if you’ve got a ticket on the apocalypse express, you might as well drive the damn train. On "Imperial Cloud," vocalist and guitarist Andrew McLees calls on the purifying, but corrosive effects of rain to “cleanse [his] soul,” praying for an imperial cloud to “wash it all away.” His precise, dynamic guitar playing, vessel to some of the best modern soft-loud-soft songwriting, underscores the desperate balance between thoughtfulness and unrest. There’s an unspoken fear in the song — if “nothing works,” as McLees admits in his lyrics, what about this imperial cloud? Will it turn against him, too?

The video for the song, directed by Michael J. Ruiz-Unger, sees the band — McLees, bassist Jacob Israel and drummer Melvin Zantua — soaked in the palette of twilight, demonstrating their volume, energy and discomfort the only way they know how.

Other Body's new EP, Total Bust, hits on November 4. Get yours.