Norway's Okkultokrati take the age-old black metal imprint of snarling Venom-style vocals and general nihilism, and update the proceedings with fresh approaches that employ punk, hardcore, death metal, goth and much more. The new record is more evolution for the band, as the general doom and gloom has been replaced by almost sunny (but still chainsaw-like) riffs and more melody. Imagine Motörhead at their beer-raising fun best, but with synths, occasional piano and more — then you may have the idea.

Don't get it twisted — dudes ain't gone soft, but it's still a different look from the band and, frankly, virtually anyone else out there. Stream the new LP Raspberry Dawn NOW below via Southern Lord, and order yours.

Oct. 13  OCCII @ Amsterdam, NL
Oct. 14  Underground @ Köln, DE
Oct. 15  Bloodshed Fest @ Eindhoven, NL
Oct. 16  Kavka @ Antwerp, BE
Oct. 17   Boston Music Room @ London, UK
Oct. 18   Corporation @ Sheffield, UK
Oct. 19   Rainbow Courtyard @ Birmingham, UK
Oct. 20   Gibus @ Paris, FR
Oct. 21   Kofmehl @ Solothurn, CH
Oct. 22   Stadtmitte @ Karlsruhe, DE
Oct. 23   Cassiopeia @ Berlin, DE
Oct. 24   Hafenklang @ Hamburg, DE
Oct. 25   Cyklopen @ Stockholm, SE
Oct. 26  Bla @ Oslo, NO