The holidays may be over, but the cold grip of winter sure as hell isn't. So, why not celebrate the iciest season of the year with some black metal from Greece? Thessaloniki-based Natvre's are about to reintroduce you to their 2015 debut LP, Wrath. The record takes influence from a variety of different sources. Outwardly, you can find the harshness of rawer '90s black metal, à la Darkthrone or Marduk. But on opener "Lazarines," furious drums straight out of hardcore work their way under the warping guitar chords and screams. Whatever the hell they're looking towards, it all results in a furious sound, be it aggro, metallic tracks like "Prototype" or the outright speed-fest "Woven Art."

Pre-order your copy of the record right here from Argento.