When they aren't going the way of power-pop with Vacation, Jerry Panic and Dylan McCartney have their heads down with Mardou, digging deep into swinging post-punk. Their latest release is "Flash" + Demos, a cassette-only release for Moniker Records featuring the title track and six additional songs designed for sad-boy dancing in a fogged-out room — or just brisk walks of the pensive variety. The first to be released is the title track, a well-crafted banger with just the right amount of textural synths, dynamics that so many Joy Division Stans just plain forget about in lieu of being nihilistic, and the sort of melody that you can hum along to. If this was on the latest Interpol record, you'd probably have logged 1,000 plays by now, so take a chance on a new band. You'll thank us later.

Order yours via Moniker.