Every time you talk to a music aficionado, it's all about some obscuro genre: "I listen to Japanese hardcore" or "I love African funk" or "I prefer Brazilian music." Whatever happened to a little bit of goddamn respect for good old fashioned Yacht Rock?! Name one genre that goes so perfectly with shrimp, wine spritzers, boating, cocaine, seersucker or excess more than a jam by Toto, Loggins (Kenny or with Messina) or the '80s kings of 'em all, Daryl Hall and John Oates. Luckily, Lower Dens have their heads screwed on straight and understand that the blue-eyed soul duo from Philadelphia got JAMS.

Lower Dens have released a cover of the Hall & Oates classic "Maneater" for amfAR, a charity devoted to the study and eradication of AIDS (give if you can). The indie band joins Aloe Blacc (who cover "Billie Jean") and Sugar for Sugar (who do "Bizarre Love Triangle") in solidarity for the cause, and you can check out all three covers below.

Check out the latest Lower Dens video for "Real Thing" and pick up the new LP Escape From Evil NOW.