British rock duo Let's Eat Grandma have been riding high ever since they released debut album I, Gemini earlier this summer. Listening to the dark, whimsical record — a creepy panorama of chilling folk ballads, global pop and synthy prog — you'd never guess that Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth aren't even legal (the Norwich BFFs are 16 and 17, respectively); but young geniuses they are indeed.

Of course, that doesn't mean that Let's Eat Grandma can't poke fun at their immaturity. In fact, the duo's new video for "Sax and the City" is more or less an exploration of youth to the nth degree, as well as the liberation it brings. Below, behold the unsettling sight of Walton and Hollingworth in pink baby costumes, crawling down city streets. When they're not moshing in a ball pit, they're crawling into television interviews and solving puzzles on their iPads, while the cellphone-addicted masses text themselves mad at the behest of a corrupt government.

Between the pacifiers, politicians and puzzles, I suppose the "Sax and the City" video qualifies as somewhat of a doozy, not to mention a tad unsafe for work (if only because teenage babies are super creepy, and you don't want your boss to walk by and think you're into that kind of stuff). Watch below.

Next week, the band will head to New York City for their first-ever stateside shows (at Rough Trade in Brooklyn and Berlin in Manhattan), followed by an appearance at Pop Montreal.

Let's Eat Grandma's debut album I, Gemini is out now via Transgressive.

Sept. 20 – Brooklyn, NY @ Rough Trade
Sept. 21 – Manhattan, NY @ Berlin
Sept. 23 – Montreal, Quebec @ Bar Le Ritz (Pop Montreal)