Fresh off their tour with Turnstile and Angel Du$t, one of New York's finest hardcore bands has returned with a sweet promo tape comprised of a single song: "Machismo / New York Nightmare." Krimewatch's latest may be less than four minutes long, but man, do they make every second count.

Employing a half-rapped, half-shouted cadence reminiscent of riot grrrl queen Kathleen Hanna, lead singer Rhylli holds court over her bandmates' turbulent, chugging vortex with aplomb, channeling the spirit of forebears like Agnostic Front and the Cro-Mags. Where other bands in their scene are content to posture in front of the crowd, Krimewatch are all too willing to pummel them — with loudness, sure; but more importantly, with love. Listen below, and download it for free.

Krimewatch's 2016 Promo is available on their Bandcamp for free here.