Less than a year after their Hyperion EP, Krallice are back. Today, the NYC black metal outfit announced Prelapsarian, their ostensibly monstrous sixth LP due out December 21, the first day of winter. (Because what's more metal than dropping a terrifying masterwork on the shortest day of the year?) Adult Swim's got our first taste of the record: a delirious, dizzying whopper of a track called "Hate Power."

"Our song 'Hate Power' was conceived and written over the past five years," the band told Noisey, going on to describe the lyrics as taking "an anti-hate stance." Between the blast beats and the howled, crisply recorded vocals, it's hard to make out the specifics of that stance, but the music speaks volumes —  Krallice fight hate by weaponizing their own pain, manifested here as a turbulent gyre reminiscent of Darkthrone in their prime. It's good to have you back, guys. Listen below.

Krallice self-released their Hyperion EP earlier this year.