Do a search on music and you'll see that there are zillions of blogs covering zillions of styles of zillions of bands. The best part of all of it? Music is so vast that no matter what you do, no matter how much you listen, there is always so much more. That's totally inspiring and intimidating all at once, because just like MF Doom once said, "the more you know, the more you know you don't know shit." That's why compilations are so exciting and crucial — they can open up a world that you never knew existed. Whole genres were basically founded on the strength of comps like Nuggets and Killed by Death, and now Sacred Bones is shooting for the same with their compilation series Killed by Deathrock.

The first of the series, which hit in January 2014, featured unearthed cuts from various obscure deathrock and dark punk bands, as well as other genres, enlightening the world to the weirdo undercurrent of artists that were taking the teachings of Rudimentary Peni and Christian Death to new extremes years ago. Now comes the second volume, due in November and featuring much of the same ethos as the first. The 10 tracks featured on the comp aren't 100 percent obscure, though, as one band has strong and obvious ties to hardcore (Middle Class are widely known for dropping the first hardcore release with the Out of Vogue EP half a dozen years prior) and even members of Sex Gang Children are in the mix. Still, these releases — until now — have mostly toiled in semi-obscurity.

Today, Sacred Bones has released a track from the latest entry to the KBDR series with Flowers for Agatha's "The Freedom Curse." Join the ride; if you're a fan of the genre or gothic rock in general, you'll be happy you did. But then again, it may send you into a downward spiral of rare releases and spending copious amount of money. Thankfully, they're doing all the work for you here.

Stream "The Freedom Curse" for the first time below and order your copy of the LP ahead of its November 11 release date.

1. Gatecrashers "Spectator"
2. Middle Class "A Skeleton at the Feast"
3. ADS "Waiting for the War"
4. Veda "Whiplash"
5. Skeletal Family "Promised Land"
6. Flowers for Agatha "The Freedom Curse"
7. Red Temple Spirits "Dark Spirits"
8. Crank Call Love Affair "What's Wrong Yvette"
9. Red Zebra "I Can't Live in a Living Room"
10. Vita Noctis "Hade"