Hot on the heels of last year's Success, Canadian noise rockers KEN Mode are back with NERVE, a piping-hot set of B-sides. Arriving November 10 via Reptilian Records, the EP culls from the band's Success sessions, overseen by the almighty Steve Albini. The physical version consists of three tracks, with an extra four on the digital version: "Absolutely Not," off KEN Mode's split single with the Atlas Moth, plus three 2011 demos.

And now, CLRVYNT has your first taste of NERVE: a leaden, labyrinthine —and perplexingly optimistic — ode to annulment called "Let's Get Divorced." Give it a listen below, and scroll down to view the EP's artwork and track list. Be on the lookout for more KEN Mode in the coming months — the band is currently in the studio working on its next full-length, described in a press release as a "much darker experiment in noise and metallic themes than their last output." Sounds heavy.

Fancy a laugh? Hear KEN Mode's installment of Good Bands Telling Bad Jokes.

KEN Mode's NERVE EP is due out November 10 via ReptillianPre-order here.

Ken Mode NERVE Cover

1. “The German Businessman”
2. “Let's Get Divorced”
3. “I’m Never Looking for You”
4. “Absolutely Not” !
5. “Secret Vasectomy” (Demo) !
6. “The Terror Pulse” (Demo) !
7. “Why Don't You Just Quit?” (Demo) !

! Digital version only