Congratulations are in order for Cody Votolato, former axeman for the Blood Brothers and Jaguar Love and current resident of noise-pop supergroup Head Wound City: The man just got reborn under the disco lights. Introducing JR Slayer, his synth-pop doppelgänger. Slayer's new life comprises neither solo project nor one-off; it's a self-made universe, located somewhere between the dying stars of crystalline disco and darkened post-punk. He's responsible for every square inch of creative hyperspace — from the songwriting to the lyrics, the production to the mixing, Slayer does it all.

Early next year — on February 10, to be exact — Votolato will make his formal debut as JR Slayer with Time Out, Crystal Heart, a 10-track LP he wrote, produced, engineered and mixed on his own (a "pretty scary" endeavor, he revealed in a press release). In advance of 2017's deep dive, CLRVYNT is pleased to unveil "We Only Make One Sound," a lush pop ditty that doubles as a dance-ready introduction. Pleased to meet you, too, Slayer. Listen below, and scroll down for the album artwork and track list.

Cody Votolato will self-release Time Out, Crystal Heart, his debut album as JR Slayer, on February 10. Pre-order it on Bandcamp here.


1. "The Poems Aren't Enough"
2. "We Only Make One Sound"
3. "Tied and Bound"
4. "Arranged Thought"
5. "Walking Ways"
6. "Crooked Crown"
7. "La Beaute' (Song for Coleman)"
8. "Time Out, Crystal Heart"
9. "Sad Spectre"
10. "Every Wretched Face"