Listen up, ladies: Australian pop auteur Jessica Says is here to show you how to deal with creepy old dudes, in three easy steps.

  1. Find a gentleman to take you on a picnic on a Louis Vuitton blanket. Don't fret if your meal consists solely of booze — as long as he's got paper fans in his spread, you'll be just fine.
  2. After drinking, your would-be sugar daddy will probably try to read Lolita — because that's so on-brand — only to realize he won't be taking you home. Don't relent, no matter how good his reading voice is, or how much he resembles Matthew McConaughey.
  3. As soon as Grandpa's slouched over in a drunken stupor, grab his wallet and run.

In addition to illustrating the aforementioned social pointers, Says' "Fairest of Them All" video — directed by Jonno Revanche — details numerous scenes of female bonding, including between Says and her grandmother, who while away the hours swiping away on Tinder and playing solitaire, respectively. (She also takes a bath in a tub full of waterlogged rose petals.) Hey, it sure beats a garish picnic. Watch the video below, accompanied by Says' comments regarding the song and its video.

Jessica Says' new album, Do With Me What U Will, will be released in early 2017 via Chapter Music.

'Fairest of Them All' is about being a girl just out of high school, when you are at your most beautiful and also your most insecure, and how vulnerable that makes you in encounters with predatory older men.

It's also about aging, about not being a baby girl or a Lolita girl anymore, and how we seem to never inhabit our own youth, our 'prime' or our 'peaking.' Even a 21-year-old can feel spoilt, weathered, when our identities are constructed on sexual desirability.