Got the Hump Day blues? Never fear. Impalers — the Austin, Texas D-beat group fronted by Power Trip's Chris Ulsh and featuring members of Glue and Vaaska — are here to stir you from your midweek slump with the Cellar Dweller promo tape. It's a seven-track collection featuring four new songs, plus two covers: a blistering take on Crass' "Sucks" and S.H.I.T.'s "Human Kindness." Excepting those interpretations (which ostensibly will be exclusive to the physical version), the tape is available to stream and download for free over at the group's Bandcamp. Drawing upon hardcore, hard rock and scuzzy garage rock, Impalers' din on Cellar Dweller proves as impactful as it is ephemeral — a difficult feat for any punk band, but then again, these guys are all pros.

Impalers' Cellar Dweller is out now. Grab it here from the band themselves for the low, low cost of $0.